FFF Someone, Somewhere

Rémy and Mélanie, two Parisian thirty-year old’s, are both victims of loneliness who unknowingly live only a few steps away from each other in the same Parisian neighborhood. So close but totally unaware of each other, they head down two parallel paths with Mélanie losing faith in Tinder one-night stands and Remy struggling to get a date. Someone Somewhere highlights the reality of loneliness despite living in a hyper connected world where one would think meeting someone would be easier. Can Mélanie and Remy turn a series of missed opportunities into a life-changing first encounter?

“An ambitious narrative gamble lies at the heart of this French-language drama from the director Cédric Klapisch” – Kevin Maher UK Times

Starring: Ana Girardot, François Civil, François Berléand