FFF The Swallows of Kabul

Set in a Taliban-occupied Kabul in the summer of 1998, the drama centers on young lovers Zunaira and Mohsen who have both lost their high-profile jobs due to the Taliban and have difficulties to make ends meet. Despite the daily violence and misery, they hope for a better future and are determined to maintain their modern values. However, one day, a foolish gesture causes life to take an irrevocable turn. When the lives of these diametrically opposite couples become intertwined, sacrifice becomes the price to pay for love.

“The Swallows of Kabul vividly captures the horror of life under Sharia Law, packing such a visceral punch in its drama that it's often easy to forget you're watching a beautiful work of hand drawn animation” (Film Inquiry)

Starring: Hiam Abbass, Simon Abkarian